For Schools

From pre-school to music, dance, soccer, skating.

Curricular activities

Identification of the weekly activities to be carried out during the school year and associate records of greater relevance.

Instant Communication

Through this module the school can interact with the caretakers via mobile or sms application streamlining the entire communication process.

Child's portfolio

Registration of assessments, curricular and extra-curricular activities that the child is doing throughout the year thus automatically creating their portfolio.

Teachers / Assistants / Secretary

Registration of teachers, auxiliaries, coordinators, administrators.

For Parents

Closer to our kids, with the NearMyKids APP.

School Hours / Calendar of Activities

Visualization of the calendar of activities for which the child is enrolled.

Timeline of the Child

Timeline where all the activities and occurrences that the child is involved in are temporarily visualized.

Alerts / Instant Communication

Parents/Guardians can interact with the school or teacher, notify a health absence, and notify the school.


School menu display.

Image gallery

Visualization of images that are being added by the different schools that the child attends.


Calendar with events scheduled throughout the year.

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